Thank you Ontario Trillium Foundation for providing us with the Resilient Communities Fund!

Check out all of the wonderful things we accomplished with the Resilient Communities Fund grant.

The Resilient Communities Fund grant had a profound impact on our organization, programs, and services, with the introduction of hotspots being a standout transformation. These hotspots significantly boosted connectivity, enabling efficient work and service access for patrons. This accessibility led to the successful execution of 44 hybrid programs and 48 one-on-one tech sessions, reaching over 600 vulnerable community members. Additionally, the grant enhanced social connections and information access, elevating community resilience by bridging the digital divide, especially during challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. This empowerment fostered a sense of solidarity, making our services more inclusive and accessible. Ultimately, the grant not only strengthened our programs but also united our community, showcasing the profound impact of connectivity and information access.

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