What is Kanopy?

Kanopy is a video streaming service that provides instant access to thousands of critically acclaimed movies, documentaries and kid favourites. They partner with studios like A24, The Criterion Collection, History Channel,A&E, PBS and more to bring our library access to thoughtful entertainment.

How can I watch Kanopy?

You can stream Kanopy on any of your favourite devices! Kanopy is accessible via mobile and tablet apps for iPhone and Android. You can also access Kanopy on your Desktop, and SmartTV apps like Roku, Apple TV, and Fire Stick.

How to create an account on your SmartTV or Apple or Android devices

    • To get started, download the Kanopy app for your device
    • Click 'Get Started' and Find your Library - Search for 'Brock Township Public Library'
    • Enter your library card number
    • Create an account using your preferred email and password
    • Verify your email account
    • Begin streaming!

For more help on TV apps, please visit the Kanopy TV Apps help page.

For more help on Mobile apps, please visit the Kanopy Mobile Apps help page.

How to create an account on your computer

    • To get started, visit brocklibraries.kanopy.com  from your computer and select the “Add Library Card” button on the lower left
    • Enter your library card number
    • Create an account using your preferred email and password
    • Verify your email account
    • Begin streaming!

The next time you access Kanopy, choose 'Log In' with your new Kanopy account email and password.

How many movies can I watch?

There is a limit of three(3) borrowed videos per month. This number of play credits resets on the 1st of each month.

Once you hit play on a video, you have 3 days(72 hours) to view it as many times as you'd like without using another play credit.

For a TV series, you have 3 days to watch the entire season before having to use another play credit.


a)  Kanopy Kids. Views of the kids programs are unlimited and do not count towards your play credits. Parental Controls can be set up for Kanopy Kids disabling access back to regular Kanopy unless you have the passkey.

b)  Great Courses Series. You are allowed one(1) course(and all it's episodes) per month. The course is available for 30 days from the day you start watching.

For more information, please visit the Kanopy How Play Credits Work help page.

How Much Time is Remaining on my Item?

You can see all films that you have viewed, both complete and incomplete, in your Viewing History. Items that are still active (able to be played without using another play credit) will appear with a green “Continue watching” button along with the time remaining to view. Those that are no longer active will appear with an orange “Watch it again” button.

Many ways to search

Kanopy has already categorized items together such as 'Newly Added Movies' and 'Oscar Winners and Nominees' on the home page, but you my also search and/or filter by title, supplier, subject, language, year of production etc.

Creating a Watchlist

A watchlist allows you to save titles of films you want to watch in the future. To add a title just click on the plus sign of the MyList bubble on the item you are searching. You can see your entire My Watchlist from the dropdown menu under your name at the top of the screen.

Kanopy Support

For more information please contact your library branch or visit the Kanopy Help page.