Decodable Books at Brock Libraries!

As the grateful recipients of a mini-grant from the International Dyslexia Association, Ontario, Brock Libraries is pleased to showcase our newly purchased decodable book collection!

Decodable books are written in a format that builds reading skills and confidence in all readers, but especially struggling readers and those with Dyslexia. This is accomplished by encouraging learners to read ordered books while they increase their knowledge of letter and sound combinations building on what they already know.

While the whole language approach to reading has students learn whole words through context (often using pictures to decipher or guess at unknown words and/or memorize common words by sight), decodable books offer learners a more structured approach to reading by learning letter and sound combinations (phonics).

Find these items by typing decodable in the search bar of our library catalogue or look for the red decodable spine label amongst the shelves.

Decodable-Sticker md cropped
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