New Online Resource – CBC Corner

CBC Corner - Discover the best Canadian shows, stories & more

Brock Libraries is very happy to announce that we’ve added a new digital resource to our website! Developed especially
for public libraries, CBC Corner is a digital portal that brings CBC's audio, video and news content together in one place for a
more streamlined experience.

Have a few minutes? Not sure what you are looking for or just want to browse around? With trusted news, local stories and
radio shows, entertaining TV shows, documentaries, movies, award-winning podcasts, latest sports news and special
reports, and much more, CBC Corner has something for everyone and every taste!

Do you have children? CBC Corner has tons of safe, educational and entertaining content for children and youth of all ages
including tv shows, free online games, fun quizzes and activities as well as news articles made by kids for kids. As a parent, you
will also find cool and simple crafts ideas, healthy recipes, and easy ways to learn through play!

Interested in other languages? CBC Corner offers, through the daily multilingual service RCI, news in five of the most commonly
spoken foreign languages in Canada (Mandarin, Punjabi, Tagalog, Arabic, Spanish).CBC Corner is also a very valuable resource for those looking to learn or refine their French, or even their English skills, through our free Canadian language learning app, Mauril!

And if you’re looking for French content, CBC Corner also allows you to explore all of this en français with audio, video and news from Radio-Canada!

These are just a few examples of all the great content you can find! Don’t wait any longer... click here to check it out!