Jane’s Walk Brock 2021 May 7-9

Jane’s Walk Brock 2021 (from Home!)

Celebrating our community 

We are proud that since 2019 we have had Jane’s Walk in our community, a festival of volunteer-led “walking conversations” inspired by urban activist Jane Jacobs. In our first Jane’s Walk we had a walk with you in Beaverton. In 2020, due to COVID-19, we invited everyone to participate online.

Again this year the very act of gathering in person which has always been central to Jane’s Walk is not possible. We are instead proposing Jane’s Walk Brock (from Home), a reimagining of the festival that we hope brought the same joy and inspiration you’ve come to expect from this annual celebration. We are excited to invite all passionate Brock residents (or anyone with a connection to Brock Township) to participate virtually in this year’s Jane’s Walk. The festival beginning Friday, May 7, and running through Sunday, May 9th, contains a variety of storytelling subjects about our community that allows Brock residents to connect virtually in order to celebrate and pay tribute to the magic of everyday life in Brock Township—all the stories, places, people, and encounters that we cherish more than ever in these difficult times. Some of the aspects of our community you will hear or share about are:

  •  Civic Gardens - special garden stories from public gardens via the Horticultural Societies (did you know the Beaverton Horticultural Society turns 100 years old in 2022!?)
  • Pride in Brock Township - the rainbow crosswalks and steps throughout the township
  • Significance of natural features of our community
  • Some of the social and cultural activities that are going on in our community
  • Historic and iconic buildings of our community (Special invitation to the members of our three Historical Societies)
  • Iconic artworks of our community and any art that you have created (painting, poetry, photography, handicrafts, music, etc.) inspired by the urban, natural or social environment of Brock community (Special invitation to the artists of our community)
  • Your Favorite Walking Paths (you can show the walk path on a map or write about it or as part of your daily exercise video record your walk)

To participate in Jane’s Walk Brock please consider some of the following options for sending your videos, writings, drawings, or pictures:

  • Instagram: record a video or snap a photo and tag it with the #JanesWalkBrock hashtag
  • Youtube: record a video and tag it with the #JanesWalkBrock hashtag
  • Facebook: post to the Brock Township Jane’s Walk timeline here.
  • Email: email a story to janeswalk@brocklibraries.ca
  • Print: drop off your print contributions (hand written, printed, whatever you like) at any Brock Libraries location--we will scan your contribution at put in on the Brock Libraries website

To follow the contributions to this year’s Janes Walk use the #janeswalkbrock hashtag on any of the platforms mentioned above, follow the Brock Township Jane’s Walk page on Facebook, or visit brocklibraries.ca/janeswalk where content will be collected and archived.

This year’s festival proves that Jane’s Walk was always about more than the act of physically gathering. Our love for our community, our connections to our neighbors and neighborhoods, and our faith in Jane Jacobs’ model of local activism has never been greater. Ultimately the purpose of this festival is to build a more united and livable community for everyone in Brock.


Negin M. Khorasani, Jane’s Walk City Organizer & Brock Township Public Libaries

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