Sunderland Scribes

Our newly formed writing group, The Sunderland Scribes, will meet for a third session on January 16, 2020. Those who are interested need not to have attended the Oct. 17 or Nov.14 sessions. Each monthly meeting is structured around 1-2 writing exercises from various books on the craft or Writer’s Digest magazine. Also included could be ideas sent by local writers and writing coaches. In addition, members of the group can submit ideas for exercises. A favourite part of the session is always the support and feedback from fellow writers and the opportunity to play with language. Originally started with the support of the Friends of the Sunderland Library and author Ruth Walker, The Sunderland Scribes are now enthusiastically branching out on their own. On occasion, local authors will be invited to inspire and advise. Please join us at the Sunderland Library on January 16, 2020 from 6-7:30 pm. 

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